Thursday, March 10 2016 12:31 EET
Some areas of Abu Dhabi and Dubai have been flooded due to heavy rain
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Several emirates of the UAE have been hit by the heavy rainfalls that followed strong winds.

As a result of the bad weather, flights at Abu Dhabi and Dubai airports were canceled or delayed, reports. Thus, Etihad Airways reported about 10 delayed flights, while other 7 flights were redirected to different airports. In its turn, an airline Emirates canceled more than 10 flights. Many landings and take-offs were delayed too. However, air traffic in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been already restored.

The precipitationalso has flooded roads, causing a large number of car accidents. Dubai police received more than 3,200 alarm calls, having recorded 253 car accidents just from 06.00 until 13.00. Since the rainy weather is also expected in the next few days, the police urged the citizens and tourists to be careful and cautious.

Furthermore, the wind has broken trees and lampposts. For the sake of safety, classes in many schools were finished earlier than usual. Parents were asked to pick up their kids. There is a lot of water on Dubai roads; therefore, some inhabitants use boats and all other available means to cross the streets. Local media and social networks post pictures and videos demonstrating consequences of the flood in the UAE.

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