Wednesday, March 9 2016 16:08 EET
North Korea shows a nuclear warhead
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Rodong Sinmun newspaper published a photo of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un posing next to a nuclear warhead.

In the photo, Kim Jong-un is surrounded by nuclear scientists and the alleged warhead is located on a small table in front of them.

In addition, there is also a ballistic missile or its model positioned in the background.

This photo reveals the first case when Pyongyang officially demonstrates its nuclear warhead, the AP noted.

The Defense Ministry of South Korea reported that it started analyzing the object shown in the photo.

Earlier, North Korea stated that it possesses small nuclear warheads, which could be mounted on long-range missiles.

On March 7, due to the joint military exercises of the USA and South Korea, Pyongyang claimed that North Korean nuclear weapons were always ready.

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