Wednesday, March 9 2016 15:51 EET
Macedonia said goodbye to migrants
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Macedonia said that it would not allow migrants to cross its border with Greece any more. Thus, the main road towards Northern Europe will be closed for refugees.

The Government of Macedonia made this decision after border controls of Slovenia, Serbia and Croatia have strengthened. Slovenia, for example, gives passes through its border only for refugees who found themselves in a desperate situation and for migrants who want to stay in the countries forever. As a result, many refugees are ,,gathering" in Macedonia.

According to Reuters, no migrant has crossed the Greek-Macedonian border on Tuesday.

14 thousand people have accumulated on the border of Greece and Macedonia. They cannot get into the countries of Central and Northern Europe. Migrants wait for let-pass on the Greek side of the border. Macedonia has permitted only a small number of escapees to cross the border before the closing of the road.

Greek authorities tried to persuade migrants to leave the camp on the border with Macedonia on Wednesday.

The camp began to expand in February, when Austria started tightening migration control. Many migrants remain stranded for several weeks.

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