Wednesday, March 9 2016 13:19 EET
The EU and Turkey have reached an agreement
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Both the EU and Turkey claim they have arranged common principles to regulate the refugee crisis.

According to Brussels, all the refugees who have come to Greece from Turkey are to be returned. Furthermore, Turkey will receive additional funding, which the EU has promised to accept in its bloc as soon as possible.

However, the deal has not been fully completed and its certain parts will be further discussed on 17-18 March.

Europe has been suffering from the greatest refugee crisis ever. More than a million people arrived in the EU by sea last year. Most of them are Syrians, who tried to escape from their country due to almost a five-year civil war.

Donald Tusk, who is the President of the European Council, urged the EU leaders to finally succeed in conclusion of the agreement. He hopes to accomplish the deal next week.

Meanwhile, Angela Merkel is much more careful. She just noted that it would be a progress only in case it became real.

According to Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkey has made a very important decision in order to reduce illegal migration, defeat smugglers, and help people to get to Europe in a legal way.

The BBC's reporter in Brussels noted that the new deal is not so easy to put into effect since it’s quite controversial.

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