Wednesday, March 9 2016 12:43 EET
New world record in altitude diving
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Marcel Korkuś has claimed a new world record in altitude diving, beating his own compatriots in the process.

He managed to reach a depth of five metres in Lake Cazadero, which lies at an altitude of 5990 metres above sea level in the Argentinian Andes - reported by Radio Poland.

Korkuś and his teammate Bartosz Wnęk are members of the Cazadero Diving Expedition 2016, which released a statement enthusing that the dive “fulfilled all the criteria of the Guinness organisation.”

The previous record, set last year by Polish members of the MedExpedition, occurred at an altitude of nearly 5915 metres above sea level in the crater of the volcano Nevado Tres Cruces, which lies on the border of Chile and Argentina.

Korkuś and Wnęk left Warsaw in the middle of February, and after an acclimatization period in the Andes they reached the Cerro Tipas volcano on Monday.

Lake Cazadero, located on one of its slopes, is 210 metres long and 90 metres wide. Prior to the expedition, Korkuś said they were prepared for various scenarios, including the need to crush a thick layer of ice.

It turned out, however, that the lake was not frozen, and Korkuś managed to accomplish his goal without any major problems.

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