Tuesday, March 8 2016 15:07 EET
Ukrainians urge to release Savchenko
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On Sunday protesters bombarded the Moscow diplomatic mission in Kiev with stones and smoke candles as Russian government still refuses to release Savchenko.

On Sunday, protesters bombarded the Russian Embassy with stones and smoke bombs as Russian Government still refuses to release Savchenko. The protest occurred during Moscow diplomatic mission in Kiev.

The protesters came to the Russian Embassy asking to release Savchenko. The 34-year-old pilot was accused of killing two journalists.

On Thursday, Savchenko started a severe starvation again. 

According to an AFP reporter, people made a dummy depicting President Putin, signed it as "killer", and placed it at the embassy gates. Some of them held posters with Savchenko’s image, urging the Russian Government to free her.

The police considered the attack to be "hooliganism".

Many activists see Savchenko as a symbol of confrontation with Moscow, which has been allegedly guilty of increasing tension in eastern Ukraine since April 2014.

Prosecutors haven’t decided yet whether the pilot, who was a volunteer at that time, really killed two Russian journalists in 2014.

The woman claimed she was innocent. According to her words, she has been kidnapped by Russians who then made her leave her native country.

The protesters are worried about her, saying her health would be damaged without water. Moreover, Savchenko simply could die before the next hearing.

The pilot’s sister Vira and her mother attended the meeting too. They think it‘s practically impossible for Ukrainian President Poroshenko to defeat Kremlin as it’s too powerful and mean.

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