Tuesday, March 8 2016 12:53 EET
DiCaprio agreed to play the role of Putin
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The movie, which already arouses curiosity, is currently under development.

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio has consented to play the role of Vladimir Putin, Dozhd reports, citing two sources close to Knightsbridge Entertainment.

The channel reported that the planned movie called Putin had appeared on the company's website. Furthermore, it is introduced in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) with a mark "in development". The movie’s plot and its cast are still unknown.

The motion picture has been registered in the database, but its data is available only for IMDb’s subscribers. Valery Saarian, one of the top managers of Knightsbridge Entertainment, has confirmed that the movie is underway. The final version of the script is being created right now.

He also stressed that the script has been developed by three authors and the director of the future masterpiece is a world-famous person.

According to the channel, Leonardo DiCaprio has previously agreed to take part in Putin biopic filming, which has been planned to be held in the United States, Russia and Europe next spring.

Leonardo DiCaprio also noted that he would like to play the role of Vladimir Putin. In addition to the current Russian leader, the main hero of Aviator is also greatly interested in Vladimir Lenin, the leader of world proletariat.

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