Tuesday, March 8 2016 12:46 EET
About 10 refugees are to take part in the 2016 Summer Olympics
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According to Thomas Bach, the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), a team of refugees is to take part in the Summer Olympic Games 2016, which are planned to be held in Rio de Janeiro.

The IOC Executive Board has already defined and approved the initial line-up of the team named Team of Refugee Olympics Athletes (ROA). The selected athletes will live in the Olympic Village. Moreover, they will come to the stadium under the International Olympic Committee flag before sportsmen of the host nation at the opening ceremony.

The Olympians were chosen according to their biographies, personal details, official refugee statuses, and athletic skills.

Answering the question of how large the team would be, Bach said they have no certain limits. He noted that to some degree this depends on their qualification. Thus, the final line-up of the team can include from five to ten sportsmen.

Thousands of refugees have come to Europe through Turkey and Greece, and the number of new arrivals is still growing. Their conditions have evoked extremely controversial thoughts among Europeans.

Bach claimed that by involving the refugees in Rio 2016, they expect to raise hope for all the people who had to leave their motherland.

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