Tuesday, March 8 2016 12:41 EET
Keanu Reeves shows dexterity in handling weapons
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A video showing a famous Hollywood actor’s shooting training has gone viral.

Keanu Reeves’s training, which has been recorded and then posted on the his role in John Wick: Chapter web, rapidly received a large number of views. The actor was preparing for Two.

The video was officially published on Taran Tactical channel in YouTube.

Reeves demonstrated his skills in handling automatic weapons and hitting various targets for a limited period of time.

The next sequel to the film John Wick is to reveal the story of a former contract killer. Its release is planned for February 2017.

Earlier, it was reported that the release of a new movie entitled Bad Batch starring Keanu Reeves and Jim Carrey is expected to appear in October this year. This sci-fi movie tells the story of a cannibal, who falls in love with his own victim.

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