Monday, March 7 2016 18:14 EET
Clinton and Trump meet with failure, but keep leading position
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Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in the Maine caucuses, which embody regular stages of primary elections among the presidential candidates of the Democratic Party. According to recent reports, the senator from Vermont Sanders leads with 64%, while Clinton has received only 36%. Marco Rubio easily won during the Republican primaries in Puerto Rico and left billionaire Donald Trump behind.

However, Clinton and Trump, representing the Democratic and Republican parties, are leaders in the national race of candidates, which is going to finish with presidential elections in November.

On Sunday night, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders took part in a TV debate held in Flint, Michigan.

They exchanged mutual accusations of economy and trade. In particular, Clinton said that Sanders voted against federal aid program to the US automotive industry adopted by the Congress in 2009.

"I supported this program, and you didn’t. If all the people voted like you did, our automotive industry would be destroyed, leaving four million workers without job," Hillary Clinton noted.

"I have always been against the workers’ saving cheaters from Wall Street," Sanders replied.

According to him, the adopted measures were a "gigantic aid program to Wall Street, when your friends have destroyed the economy."

During Saturday’s primary elections, Sanders won in Kansas and Nebraska, but Hillary Clinton managed to keep her leadership among other Democrats after a major victory in Louisiana.

Despite success in Puerto Rico, Marco Rubio still remains behind other Republican candidates, such as Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

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