Monday, March 7 2016 17:39 EET
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Hackers infect Apple with ransomware
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Some Apple computers turned out to be infected with ransomware. The virus encrypts users’ files, and later demands a ransom to unblock them, Palo Alto Networks said.

Ransomware has become one of the most widespread types of cyber threats. Once it gets in the computer, the virus encrypts its data, and then usually requires the user to pay a ransom in the digital currency to get an electronic key that allows recovering the data.

Experts say that annual payments have already reached millions of dollars. Earlier, hackers used to hit Microsoft Windows operating system.

According to Ryan Olson, Palo Alto chief security officer, KeRanger virus, which appeared on March 4, is the first effective virus that has managed to infect Macs produced by Apple.

Apple spokesman said the company revoked a digital certificate on the software, which made it possible to install the virus.

Olson noted the malware encrypts data three days after installation. The cause of the infection is the program with open source from TRANSMISSION site. After being informed of the problem, the company immediately removed the software and released its new version.

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