Monday, March 7 2016 17:22 EET
Explosions hit US nuclear plant
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The incident occurred at one of the most powerful nuclear stations in the country in the state of South Carolina.

An alert was declared due to a transformer failure, which led to several explosions and fire at the Oconee Nuclear Station, the Washington Times writes.

According to rescue team, the fire was localized within 30 minutes after the arrival of firefighters.

No injuries were reported. It is also said there is no danger of nuclear fallout too. However, operation of one of the three reactors has been stopped.

Since the fire has damaged a power line of the nuclear station, the event is now considered as "alert" instead of "abnormality".

The Oconee Nuclear Station is one of the most powerful plants in the United States. It produces some 2,600 megawatts of electric power.

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