Monday, March 7 2016 12:08 EET
Formula 1 gets completely new format
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Formula 1 management has decided to impress world society, introducing absolutely new rules of qualification in the season.

As some sources reported, the decision was approved by bosses of F1's governing body on Friday.

The new rules will be applied on March 19, during Australian Grand Prix, which opens the season.

The decision was approved although one of F1 bosses Bernie Ecclestone had been told it was practically impossible to change on-screen graphics and timing software according to conditions of the Melbourne race.

Some senior managers discussed this issue with Ecclestone, and now his company says timing and graphics are to be done in time.

However, many racers aren’t very glad to see the changes. In particular, they are sure the rules will make the competition too difficult for fans to follow. Triple world champion Lewis Hamilton says he was satisfied with the previous qualifying rules, so the innovations were quite senseless.

Meanwhile, he claimed he was curious to watch F1 fans’ reaction.

According to the new rules, racers are to be excluded every 90 seconds in the last minutes of all the three qualifying sessions. Thus, fourteen participants will have to leave the race after the first two sessions. The eight drivers left will take part in the final third session, which lasts 14 minutes.

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