Friday, March 4 2016 15:46 EET
Palestinian who fled to Ukraine was accused of planning terrorist attacks
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On Thursday, Beersheba District Court started a trial of 31-year-old Palestinian Sami Habib, who left for Ukraine in 2010 and tried to visit his relatives in the Gaza Strip last month.

After his arrival in Jordan, Habib was going to reach Gaza through Israeli territory with the help of permit from the Civil Administration, which had allowed him to visit his ill mother. According to the indictment, the permit was issued on the basis of a forged written request, as Habib’s mother was healthy. Thus, the relatives let him know about her illness only to cheat the Civil Administration.

On January 31, Habib was arrested at the Allenby border crossing. After the Shin Bet’s interrogations, he admitted his cruel terrorist plans, which were listed in the indictment, quoted by the Israeli media.

According to the indictment, earlier Sami Habib significantly helped Hamas to fulfill its terrorist plots. While living in Ukraine, he constantly planned various crimes against Israelis. Sami was eager to abduct and kill an IDF officer in order "to bargain" for the return of the body with Israel. Furthermore, he also planned to attack a bus carrying Israeli tourists – either by shelling it, or putting a bomb inside it. He had plans of organizing suicide bombings in Israel, which could be carried out by Israeli members of Daesh.

It is still unknown whether Habib had found the activists or established any contacts with them. However, he was going to equip the potential terrorists with weapons and explosives, such as "wireless planes" ("matusim alhutiim"), which can carry up to five kilos of dangerous cargo in the air.

In addition to these cruel plans, Habib is accused of crimes committed during Operation Cast Lead. The indictment reads he gave his house to Hamas militants and helped them in subsidiary work of different kind like unloading concrete blocks for tunnel construction, helping in stretching a telephone cable, etc. 

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