Friday, March 4 2016 14:29 EET
North Korea possesses nuclear weapon ready for use
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According to local media reports, Kim Jong-un said North Korean nuclear weapons had to be absolutely ready.

He told his military forces to check all the positions. As KCNA reported, this should be done to demonstrate readiness for launching cautionary strikes.

However, it still is unknown how sophisticated North Korea's nuclear power is.

The UN applied extremely severe measures against the country because of its rocket testing.

On Thursday, North Korea replied to the UN’s measures firing six missiles into the Sea of Japan.

North Korean leader allegedly gave a speech on a military exercise, which was supposed to be carried out at the time when the missiles were launched.

He claimed that enemies threatened North Korean safety. That is why the army must always be ready to use nuclear assets.

Specialists hardly believe that North Korea is able to produce a suitable nuclear bomb to put it into a rocket. However, the USA reacted rapidly. In particular, Commander Bill Urban from Pentagon expressed the global idea that North Korea had better abstain from provocation that boosts current tensions, paying more attention to the promises it had made to the world.

On Friday, the USA and South Korea started discussion on potential installation of American missile defense shield in the South.

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