Friday, March 4 2016 11:44 EET
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Babysitter from Uzbekistan acknowledges she killed a Russian child
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Uzbek babysitter accused of killing a four-year-old child has legally acknowledged her guilt.

When a judge asked the 38-year-old nanny Gulchekhra Bobokulova if she acknowledged her crime, she answered "yes".

As Russian and Uzbek officials confirm, Bobokulova suffers from schizophrenia.

In CCTV’s footage, she’s strolling around a metro station, keeping a bag with the child’s head.

Russian media reported that after the police required confirmation of the woman’s identity, Bobokulova took the content out of her bag and shouted she would detonate herself.

According to investigators, no other participants of the incident are known.

However, prosecutors strongly believe someone provoked the woman to commit the murder.

According to the reports, after the girl's parents left the house, schizophrenic nanny smothered the child, set the house on fire and left the place.

Uzbekistan is a state in Central Asia where Muslim population prevails. The state is an important source of migrant labor for Moscow.

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