Friday, March 4 2016 11:39 EET
The European Union is to provide refugees with 760 million dollars
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On Wednesday, EU leaders announced a plan under which countries that have accepted the largest number of migrants are to receive about 760 million dollars over the next three years, the US Today writes.

The money is going to be used for the needs of refugees, which will be supplied with food, clean water and the necessary medical care.

This decision followed a statement made by Adrian Edwards, a representative of the UN agency that supports refugees, who claimed that Europe was "on the brink of self-induced humanitarian crisis." He recalled that at present 24,000 migrants have been stranded in Greece, including 8,500 refugees staying in camps on Macedonian borders.

According to statistics provided by the United Nations, 131,724 migrants have come to Europe since the beginning of 2016. This essentially exceeds the number of people who came to the European continent during the six months of the last year.

Earlier, it was reported that the European Court of Justice, which is the highest judicial power of the EU, had made a decision that European authorities have the right to choose a country of residence for migrants for the sake of their better integration into new societies.

The adopted decision enables migrants to receive interim status of persons who are in need of international protection. These people will be allowed to choose a country of residence on their own.

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