Friday, March 4 2016 11:35 EET
Bin Laden’s "Testament": It’s too early to establish a caliphate, the West is stronger than Daesh
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The White House revealed 113 Islamist documents delivered by the US commando. He attained them during the mission aimed at the liquidation of al-Qaeda leader, during a search for his last shelter in Abbottabad in 2011.

Among various papers, letters, and speech records, where radical Islamists expounded their views on global jihad, the main attention of media was attracted by bin Laden’s software message, in which he had addressed his supporters. According to an article published in the NewsWeek on March 2, in this message he warned that premature attempts to establish an Islamic state are doomed to failure.

In the letter written in Arabic and translated into English, al-Qaeda leader expressed concern about the strategy chosen by Daesh militants to establish a caliphate. Bin Laden urged them to be patient, because, at that moment, the military power of the West was too strong and could defeat the Islamists for sure.

"We want to make Sanaa (the capital of Yemen - Ed.). the center of the Islamic state, but first of all, we have to make sure we have enough strength to keep control. Our enemies who defeated Saddam and the Taliban can destroy our state", the message says. Osama bin Laden also opposed barbarism, which was the most notorious feature of Daesh activities. He urged not to post records of executions on the Internet, because this brutality could have pushed the Islamists away from their "electorate".

In the message written in the early 2011, al-Qaeda leader recommended that his followers "respect moral principles" and never chase their fellow Muslims, especially in mosques and other public places.

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