Thursday, March 3 2016 16:42 EET
Syria had been left without electricity
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According to Syrian media, a sudden power cut occurred throughout the territory of Syria on Thursday. Syrian Arab News Agency reports that the cause of the accident has not been established; hence, "all provinces" have remained without electricity.

Reuters’ correspondent from Damascus confirmed that the Syrian capital lost electricity. Sky News, according to the comments of inhabitants of Damascus, reveals that the blackout occurred at about 13:00.

The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, which is considered the most reliable source of information about the latest events in the country, also reports a power failure in many Syrian provinces.

National mobile communications provider also informs about the accident, because of which there were Internet connection errors in the country.

How is Syria now?
24 civilians were killed during a six-day precarious truce. There were dozens of dead people every day before the start of the truce.

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