Thursday, March 3 2016 13:23 EET
Cancellation of flights: "El Al" pilots “have fallen ill" again
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The pilots of Israel’s national airline "El Al" are striking because of a labor dispute.

According to Ynet agency, several pilots “claimed to be sick” over the last few days. The company had to cancel night flight to Beijing due to the fact that three out of four pilots refused to fly because of illness.

The head of "El Al" had to urgently hire a Spanish plane in order for it to deliver passengers to their destinations, namely Barcelona, New York and Brussels. 

Thus, "El Al" had chartered five foreign aircrafts: three from a Spanish company Privilege Style, and two from a Portuguese airline EuroAtlantic Airways.

It is not the first time such "strike of sickness" of pilots from ''El Al" has happened during the last 4 months., the company previously had to cancel four flights in December due to the lack of flight crew members.

It is reported that the pilots act this way because they want to improve working conditions, as well as attain a significant salary increase, totaling more than 100 million shekels per year. Managers accuse them of excessive requirements and 'fight' with the working committee. There are more than 550 pilots-strikers.

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