Wednesday, March 2 2016 11:57 EET
"Do not call "Russian world "to yourself": How Shirokino looks like after being released from pro-Russian occupation
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The pictures were showed by a fighter of volunteer corps "Right Sector" Elena Belozerskaya. She wrote on her Facebook page that once it was the best resort place, but it is similar to the plot of the Apocalypse now.

The village has been completely destroyed. There are the ruins of the houses, stray dogs, ammunition, and macabre inscriptions of terrorists everywhere.

Belozerskaya posted more than 30 photographs on Facebook, and wrote that even these pictures could not portray the terrible scene of the event that they saw after the "Donetsk People's Republic" fighters left the village.

"'Pisky have been not less destroyed, but there are people. In Shirokino, there are lots of bombs and mini-traps from ammunitions..." – the woman wrote in the social network.

Dead beaches, bombed pensions, and debris of destroyed houses – now it's a real view of the village, the fight for control of which has continued for months.

Children's toys, books, and broken dishes lie everywhere in Shirokino. 

Belozerskaya summed up the story in a phrase, if someone wants to belong to Russia and the "Russian world", let them look at the photos of Shirokino.

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