Tuesday, March 1 2016 15:24 EET
Is Kate Winslet pregnant again?
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New celebrity rumors were being born during one of the parties after the Oscar ceremony. Too emotional attention of fellow actresses to Kate Winslet’s tummy evoked much unwanted gossip. Judging by certain photos, almost everyone was discussing “the fact” that the star of “Titanic” allegedly told her two friends exciting news about her pregnancy.

In fact, guests of the party witnessed an unusual scene. Gathered in a circle, Kate Winslet and her two friends – Cate Blanchett and Brie Larson, who received "Oscar" as the best actress of this year, were whispering about something for a long time. Then, Blanchett, with a look of astonishment and delight on her face, gently touched Winslet’s stomach. After that, Cate and Brie began suddenly hugging and congratulating their friend.

The majority of those who saw this scene came to the conclusion that Winslet told them about her "interesting position", and they were happy for Kate.

It still looks like rumors, but if Kate is pregnant, she is going to give birth to her fourth child. Winslet said more than once that she genuinely enjoys her role as a mother, so it's possible that she is eager to continue replenishing her family.

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