Tuesday, March 1 2016 12:44 EET
Application 'Waze' nearly set fire in the Middle East
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Error of two soldiers from cynological unit of the IDF almost turned into kidnapping or killing.

The soldiers were passing in the area between Jerusalem and Ramallah, using Waze. It led them to the center of Kalandia refugee camp, one of the most ferocious and aggressive places in relation to Israelites of Judea and Samaria.

The soldiers realized where they were when they saw Arabic signs. They tried to turn around, but at this moment, local youths saw them in a narrow street. Dozens of Palestinians began throwing stones and "Molotov cocktails" in a matter of seconds. Their car caught fire, and the men left it, escaping in different directions.

One of the soldiers was hiding in the yard of the house, got in touch with others, and, after a while, division "Benjamin" and border guards entered into Kalandia. It was a fierce and difficult fight. One Palestinian was killed and three persons were wounded, including one with a serious injury. Five border guards from "Magav" were also injured.

A military source said that the exact actions and courage of two soldiers have prevented mass kidnapping and killing in Kalandia, which could lead to unpredictable consequences and "ignite a fire in the entire region."

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