Tuesday, March 1 2016 11:36 EET
Outrage at construction sites. There is no one to monitor compliance with safety in Israel
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The main reason for the high number of injuries and deaths of construction workers in Israel is an acute shortage of money in Ministry of Economy.

In spite of it, Office of the Construction Safety lacks good inspectors. Since this situation continues for many years, it should be changed, the head of this department Ward Edwards says in his letter to the head of the Knesset Committee on Labor, Welfare and Health – Eli Alaluf.

The government saves tens of thousands and loses billions – today the direct costs for injured workers reach 4.3 billion shekels.

The cause of the high mortality rate at construction sites is almost complete impunity of contractors who ignore the basic rules of safety.

Main office controls about 70 thousand places, 12 thousand of which are construction sites. At the same time, only one inspector has to control thousands of enterprises and construction projects.

The Knesset Committee will discuss the possibility of increasing the number of state inspectors.

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