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Brutal murder of child in Moscow
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In the morning of February 29, in Moscow, a woman in black came with the severed head of the a child to Moscow metro station "October field". Shouting "Allahu Akbar", the unknown murderer threatened to blow herself up.

The police cordoned off the subway station because of the incident. Some eyewitnesses of the incident could not understand a person's gender in the beginning. Onlookers said that the miscreant was wearing hijab and was shouting "Allahu akbar".

According to the latest information, 39-year-old Gyulchehru Bobokulovu was found guilty of the horrific killing of a 4-year-old girl Nastya.

Sources say that the woman came to the house of the family, where she worked as a nanny, in the early morning. She waited until the girl's parents left the house with the older child. Thereafter, Bobokulova allegedly stabbed the girl and cut off her head.

She burned the apartment, and hid the child's body in the plastic bag.

The arrested criminal, who waved the severed head of a little girl in a Moscow subway station, spoke haltingly and incoherently. From her speech, the police made the conclusion that she planned to murder Nastya.

"And then I said. I hate you! I am sister of the suicide bomber and If I die, it will be the end of the world!!!" - Bobokulova shouted.

"Monstrous and inexplicable", - Vladimir Putin, President of Russia stated.

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