Friday, February 26 2016 12:32 EET
FIFA: Time for big changes
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Extraordinary Congress in Zurich brought about a number of wide-ranging and huge reforms in the FIFA system.

At the beginning, the new presidential term has been amended and salary issues have been discussed. One of the FIFA's managers reminded that recently the corruption crisis has affected the organization of world football. Hence, many financial issues were discussed in Zurich.

"There's an opportunity for Fifa to start again," Football Association chairman Greg Dyke told on Thursday.

In addition, it was decided to elect a new president to replace the old one – Sepp Blatter, who has held this position for over 18 years since 1998.

Sheikh Salman bin Ebrahim al-Khalifa, Gianni Infantino, Prince Ali bin al-Hussein, Tokyo Sexwale, and Jerome Champagne are new candidates for this honorable post.
Elections will begin soon, and it will take few rounds of voting.
As for the new reforms, there were some ''special and bright" ones, including:
- Promotion of women in football
- Disclosure of salaries

- New FIFA council

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