Thursday, February 25 2016 13:22 EET
Trace of Ebola: New facts
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"Ebola infection left a hard and long-lasting consequences for people who were able to recover from it. All of them will have painful problems in the future", doctors from the US National Institutes of Health notice.

Studies have shown that many survivors greatly complain of headaches and nausea, as well as have memory loss after being discharged. Some of the patients were extremely suicidal and aggressive.
There were more than 17,000 people who were fortunate to survive this 'Hell' in West Africa.

Nevertheless, new problems have occurred six months later.
Doctors discovered that half of the patients have been suffering from strong headaches, body weakness, rush, and loss of memory.
Four survivors were actively suicidal during the examination. One of them hit the medic.

"Ebola hasn't gone away for these people" – one of the main doctors, Lauren Bowen, said

Although she noticed that some symptoms can disappear, but other ones, such as brain damage and eye problems, cannot be healed at all.

What is Ebola?
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Ebola is a viral illness the initial symptoms of which can include weakness, high fever, nausea, muscle pain, and sore throat.

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