Tuesday, February 23 2016 15:55 EET
Long years in prison for 'bunker' kidnapping
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Swedish doctor has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for kidnapping of a woman. The perpetrator kept his victim in a bunker for six days.

Doctor Martin Peter Trenneborg confessed to the kidnapping but denied any acts of violence. The 38-year-old man abducted the woman after their date in Stockholm last September.

After coming to her house with alcohol and presents, as well as saying that he is an American, the vicious doctor gave his victim a strong tranquilizer Rohypnol before kidnapping her.

The kidnapper used two elastic masks, first one of an old woman and second one of a man with a beard, to conceal their personalities, policemen said.

He put the abductee in a wheelchair, after which he took her to the car and drove more than 350 miles to his home near Kristianstad in southern Sweden.

Trenneborg planned to hold his victim for years in a soundproofed cell he had built at his home.

According to Swedish media, prosecutors wanted him to be sentenced to 15-16 years in prison, but the announced judgment was not as severe as they expected.

At the same time, reports suggest that prosecutors are planning to appeal against the finding.

Besides, Martin Peter Trenneborg has to pay 180,000 Swedish krona for the damage caused to the woman.

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