Tuesday, February 23 2016 12:52 EET
Have U.S. and Russia achieved ceasefire in Syria?
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US-Russian truce plan was accepted by both sides of the conflict. The Syrian government and the main opposition group are very tired of hostilities, killings and deaths. Thus, they say that they accept terms of the plan in order to stop combat actions from Saturday.

The government of Syria announced that it will try to cease any war actions due to the plan proposed by the US and Russia.

In spite of it, the opposition noticed that its acceptance depended on government troops, as well as cessation of air strikes, murders of civilians, and any other aggressive actions. For now, they cannot give any guarantee on their part and expect the next move of the government.

However, this deal will not have any relation to the two main jihadist groups in Syria, namely Islamic State (IS) and its rival al-Nusra Front.

Al-Nusra is one of the affiliates of al-Qaeda and a major part of rebel alliance.

"The implementation of the plan on the ground is extremely difficult because of all these organizations." – the UN force announced.

As a result of the war in Syria, more than 250,000 people have died.

Many residents of Syria have fled to Europe, instigating discontent, scandals and mass demonstrations.

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