Tuesday, February 23 2016 12:04 EET
Eurovision show with 'fire': Russia is outraged by entry of Ukraine
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Misunderstanding, vanity and many questions are around the song of one of the participants of Eurovision – Jamala.

This Ukrainian lady with a pure voice will represent Ukraine with the song "1944". The composition was chosen after a public vote on Ukrainian national TV. In the national final broadcast live from Ukraine, six brilliant singers fought for the title and chance to show their talents and represent their country in Stockholm's Globe Arena in May.

"Jamala, who has already won the first semi-final with the highest number of points from the expert jury and TV viewers, delivered a powerful performance and thus won our final" – one of the jury members said.

A variety of problems and questions have been raised over Jamala and Ukraine's choice of a song. Many Russian politicians said that "1944" is very political since it addresses the issue of border, especially with Crimea region.

In spite of it, Jamala will show her creativity in Stockholm in May. She is sure that she will come home with victory.

Still the main question is, what's about the competition's "no politics" rules – and which countries could get away with it in the past?

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