Monday, February 22 2016 16:39 EET
Future father set his pregnant girlfriend on fire
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A future father set his pregnant girlfriend on fire as he had no intentions to have a baby.

Eren Toben and his friend Daniel Mueller, 20, took 19-year-old Maria Peiner to a forest located near the German capital city, The Mirror says.

Toben told the future mommy, who was going to give birth in a month or so, that he was eager to look for some clothes for their baby.

As far as the court knows, after bringing Maria to the forest, Toben stroke her with a wooden stick and killed her with a knife. Later, he poured some petrol on her body and burnt it.

Next day, the body was found by an accidental passer-by, and both criminals were eventually arrested. However, none of them has recognized the crime.

Toben’s knife with his fingerprints was found near Maria’s remnants.

The judge decided that both perpetrators should spend 14 years in prison.

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