Monday, February 22 2016 16:24 EET
Peyton Manning involved in sex scandal
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Peyton Manning could retire as one of the best players in the whole sport history after his stunning victory in the game for Super Bowl.

However, Denver Broncos quarterback should do his best to keep his reputation clean as he has been charged with sexual assaults.

Last Tuesday, six anonymous women filed a lawsuit accusing the 39-year-old footballer. According to them, the University of Tennessee broke Title IX law by creating a “hostile sexual environment”, which allowed rape and sexual assault claims to be met indifferently.

In order to confirm the accusation, the lawsuit included Dr. Jamie Naughright’s testimony. At that time, she was a Tennessee trainer. According to her words, in 1996 Manning demonstrated his naked testicles and rectum to her as she was examining his foot for the presence of an injury. As ESPN reports, Dr. Naughright told about the incident, but Manning wasn’t interrogated by the police. Her efforts to accuse him legally brought no results.

In his autobiography released in 2000, Manning rejected all accusations of sexual abuse.

Title IX is a name for a law according to which schools with federal funding are prohibited from discrimination on grounds of gender.

Manning is not the only sportsman who allegedly broke the law. As ESPN reports, the lawsuit includes 10 former Tennessee players.

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