Monday, February 22 2016 16:06 EET
Ukraine is following Georgian way – Saakashvili
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Mikhail Saakashvili, who holds a position of the Governor of Odessa nowadays, said that he cherishes some intentions of transforming into much more than the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

The country was following Georgian experience on the threshold of the Rose Revolution, he claimed in an interview with Rustavi 2 channel.

“My pretensions are much higher than just the Prime Minister”, Saakashvili replied when asked whether he is planning to be the Minister.

Saakashvili stated that his goal is focused on “establishing absolutely new laws for the whole game and rising a new generation of Ukrainian politicians”.

The politician emphasized the fact that “individuals had gathered to bring changes for the better life”. Furthermore, he said that he was to hold 22 meetings in Ukrainian cities in course of 22 days. The cycle of the meetings will start on February 22.

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