Friday, February 19 2016 18:37 EET
Kurds threaten Turkey about war with Russia
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Moscow has promised to protect the Syrian Kurds in case of invasion by Turkey, a representative of the Syrian Kurdistan said.

Syrian Kurds have threatened Turkey with "great war" with Russia in case Ankara will start invasion of Syria, the head of the Syrian Kurdistan mission in Moscow Rodi Osman said in an interview with Bloomberg.

He noted that Russia had promised to protect the Kurdish militia in Syria in case of Turkish invasion.

"Russia will respond to the invasion. It will protect not only the Kurds, but the territorial integrity of Syria", Osman said.

He also claimed that Russian aviation helped the Kurdish militia in the attack on Aleppo province toward the border with Turkey.

According to the Kurdish representative, Ankara resists their attack.

The representative of the Syrian opposition in Moscow Qadri Jamil told that Russia also provided the Kurds with ammunition and the Syrian army fought against the "Islamic State" in coordination with them.

Ankara has been shelling positions of Kurdish rebels in northern Syria since Saturday, February 13.

According to the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, the strikes on Kurdish YPG positions are a direct response to the threat they created. He urged them to leave the Syrian town of Azaz near the Turkish border and the surrounding areas.

After the first attacks on the Kurds, the representative stated that Turkey had no right to interfere in Syrian affairs, noting that they had no intentions to leave the military base.

On February 14, they reported that a convoy of 12 pickup trucks equipped with machine guns and hundreds of armed fighters left Turkey for Syria.

Four days later, human rights activists and Syrian media reported on the invasion of several hundred armed men from Turkish territory.

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