Friday, February 19 2016 18:10 EET
Moscow police is searching for 'Cat-Bomber'
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The lost pet had some plastids on itself, the pet owner reported.

Employees of Research Affairs of Moscow are searching for a man who called "112" service, and said he had lost a pet.

This information might most likely go unnoticed, except for one thing – anonymous said he had attached some explosives to his cat. According to the man, the pet got scared and ran in an unknown direction.

Metro police officers have been involved in checking and searching for the fluffy terrorist. The owner of the pet said he last saw it at "1905 Street" metro station.

The man called the security service and said he had attached some plastids to a cat and let it walk, a law enforcement source reported. He said he had no information on the location of the cat and asked for help in its search.

At the same time, the caller said that his escaped pet liked walking in yards close to the station mentioned above and near Moscow State University named after Lomonosov.

However, as experts said, the caller is either a joker or a person with serious mental problems. According to the Criminal Procedure Code, the police must check all the information related to terror threats.

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