Friday, February 19 2016 17:52 EET
NATO will not support Turkey in case of its conflict with Russia
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The Alliance does not intend to enter into a conflict with Moscow.

The North Atlantic Alliance made Ankara understand that it cannot count on the unconditional support of NATO in case if Turkey provokes an armed conflict with Russia.

"NATO must not allow itself to be drawn into an armed escalation with Russia because of the current tensions between Russia and Turkey," the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Luxembourg Jean Asselborn said in his interview with Der Spiegel on Friday, February 19.

Asselborn, making a statement about NATO, underlined that allied obligations prescribed for the countries of the alliance are to stand up for each of its members, and apply only in those cases when "one of the NATO members is subjected to overt aggression."

Relations between Russia and Turkey deteriorated sharply in November last year after the Turkish Air Force shot down a Russian military aircraft near the Turkish-Syrian border.

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