Friday, February 19 2016 16:20 EET
Pentagon hit Daesh in Libya
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The target of the air strikes was the camp of militants, allegedly linked to the group "Islamic State."

The Pentagon confirmed that US aircraft attacked the city of Sabratha on the north of Libya.

The representative of the department said that the purpose of air strikes were militants, allegedly linked to the banned group "Islamic State." According to US authorities, one of the citizens from Tunisia hid in the camp. He was suspected in organizing two terrorist attacks in his homeland.

The Pentagon did not notify any other details, noting that the department would provide more information after accomplishing the operation.

The Western media earlier reported that 30 recruits of "Islamic State'' have died as a result of the air strike. All of them arrived from Tunisia.

The journalists claimed that the air strike was caused by the US Air Force, but US officials have not still commented on this information.

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