Friday, February 19 2016 15:40 EET
Germany creates super tank to surpass Russian Armata
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Germany has traditionally been a leader in tank warfare, but in recent years, Berlin has paid insufficient attention to its army.

Faced with increasing threats from the Russian tank troops, Germany has started the development of a new generation main battle tank, which is sometimes called Leopard 3, The National Interest writes.

This is a very late step, which should have been made long ago, the newspaper notes. The fact is that after the Cold War and the reunification of Germany, Berlin neglected his army for two decades.

In the short to medium term, Germany will have to upgrade their powerful tanks Leopard 2A7 + as weapons to counter Russian main battle tank of the new generation – T-14 Armata.

At the same time, Germany admits that in the longer term, it will have to replace the Leopard 2 with a new model in 2030. Considering such circumstances, Berlin in cooperation with France began to develop a "main ground combat system of new generation" (MGCS).

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