Friday, February 19 2016 15:02 EET
Financial director of Prada resigned
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Donatello Galli, financial director of the Italian manufacturer of luxury Prada resigned.

Galli has served as financial director since 2004. It is reported that there were no conflicts between him and the board of directors. He left the company on account of ''personal reasons in order to achieve new career opportunities."

Alessandra Sotstsani, who served in the company as the director of investor relations, will be a new financial director of Prada.

Italian Prada's revenue for 2015 amounted to € 3,545 billion, which indicates that the company's sales have remained at approximately the same level for the second year. It was mainly negatively affected by falling demand in China, a ''strong'' dollar, and the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015.

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