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Are We Really Alone? China builds the largest telescope to find aliens
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China is to relocate over 9,000 residents, whose houses are located next to the world's largest radio telescope, which is currently under construction.

The telescope looks like a "dish" with a diameter of 500 meters (approximately 30 football fields) and is located in Guizhou in southwest China.

The object will include 4 600 triangular panels which are to reflect and focus radio waves, allowing scientists to detect radio signals at tens of billions of light years from Earth, Mashable wrote.
The exploitation is expected to start in September.

China believes that the telescope will help to discover extraterrestrial life.

The government plans to relocate residents within a radius of 5 km to protect them from electromagnetic waves radiating by the telescope.

The relocated residents will receive a $ 1,838 grant from the government. $ 1532 will be paid to ethnic minorities who may find it difficult to find a new house.
Construction of the telescope began in 2011 and costs $ 183 million.

Currently, the largest telescope is the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. Its diameter is 300 meters.

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