Thursday, February 18 2016 18:16 EET
Obama's indecision costs much for Ukraine - Fabius
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Lack of leadership and determination for the part of the USA has become a turning point in the Syrian war and the Ukrainian conflict.

This was stated by former Foreign Minister and current head of the French Constitutional Council in an interview to the Radio Europe1.

In particular, he mentioned the threat of Syrian President Bashar Assad to use chemical weapons which later had no direct consequences for him.

"According to Obama, if he (Assad) uses chemical weapons, he will cross the red line. And this red line was crossed with no reaction," Fabius said.

"When they write textbooks on history, we will see that it is a turning point not only in the Middle East crisis, but in Ukraine and Crimea as well", - he said stressing the "lack of leadership for Washington’s side." 

On February, 10, French President Francois Hollande appointed former French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius to the head of the Constitutional Council.
Former PM Jean-Marc Ayrault has become a new Foreign Minister of France.

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