Thursday, February 18 2016 18:08 EET
Turkey identifies the Ankara bomber
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Security reports, the bomber who attacked vehicles in Ankara is considered to be a Syrian Saleh Nejar.

The Syrian citizen is considered to reach Turkey with a flow of migrants. Saleh organized the attack after stealing the car registered in İzmir.

The great help in identifying Saleh’s personality was done by the fingerprints of the bomber he had left when entering Turkish territory.

Security claimed this finding made it think the bomber had connections to the PKK and PYD.

Erdogan hinted in a written statement at the fact that the PKK can be guilty in the attack. He wrote that his country is to go on with destroying forces which made the immoral attacks.

Some authoritative Turks named the PKK members 'Russian pawns' which target the Syrian opposition.

The car exploded on Wednesday killing 28 people. 61 more victims were injured.

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