Thursday, February 18 2016 18:01 EET
Rogozin VS Kadyrov: Russia has no place for a Chechen terrorist
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Russian Deputy Prime Minister stated that Chechens should not live in Russia. He opposed to the idea of naming Moscow streets after the acting head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov’s father Ahmat Kadyrov.

At a meeting of neo-Nazis, which Rogozin often visited, the Russian politician said he had been living in Moscow since 1963 and had no wish to see any representatives of Chechen nationality in this city.
Rogozin said he wouldn’t like to live at Kadyrov Steet and encouraged the crowd to say the same, urging people to ensure their accordance with Rogozin. 

"I don’t want to live at Kadyrov Street. Do you want to live at Kadyrov Street?" he asked the feverish crowd. 

The crowd responded him crying "no" and satisfied Rogozin repeated the conclusion made by all the participants of the neo-Nazi meeting: "We do not want to live at Kadyrov Street, and why are we forced to live at Kadyrov Street". 

Continuing his speech Rogozin quite impartially commented on Ramzan Kadyrov’s father saying that if Russia continue being favorable to him, Moscow would turn into a twin for Chechnya.

"There is something Russian authorities don’t understand. They think that by betting on fighters, arming and giving them police powers they can rescue Russia from the war. But it’s a great mistake. Chechens do consider this attitude of Russia as weakness. They don’t consider Russians as humans ", said Kadyrov. 

Earlier it was reported that at the same meeting Rogozin made under the famous fascist gesture that always was used by Hitler and shouted "Glory to Russia!"

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