Thursday, February 18 2016 17:30 EET
Bill Cosby files a counterclaim against a woman who charged him with rape
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78-year-old American comedian, director, and producer Bill Cosby filed a counterclaim against the 32-year-old employee of Temple University Andrea Konstand, who had blamed him for rape. The lawsuit was also filed against Konstand’s mother and lawyer, Cosby’s lawyers reported.

In early January, the Los Angeles district prosecutor Jackie Lacey refused to charge Bill Cosby for sexual crimes committed in 1965 and 2008. According to the prosecutor’s claim, the charges for the first case are impossible due to expiration of the statute of the crime. 

As for the incident that occurred in 2008, Lacey believes that the prosecution doesn’t have enough evidence for Cosby’s allegation. A woman who accused Cosby of rape, which occurred in 1965, was 17 years old. At the time of the second alleged rape in 2008 another woman was 18. Both claimed that the actor previously had made them drink alcohol. 

Los Angeles prosecutor issued her decision a week after similar accusations were presented to Bill Cosby by the Court of Pennsylvania. The charges were based on testimonies of Andrea Konstand, who said that Cosby had raped her after giving her drugs in his house, which was located in the northern suburbs of Philadelphia. 

Cosby was made about 40 such claims over the past few years. He has repeatedly denied the charges filed by actresses, waitresses, "Playboy girls," journalists, and writers. Their stories are remarkably similar to one another: Cosby seduced them, gave drugs and then raped them. Last December, a supermodel Beverly Johnson openly accused Bill Cosby, giving an interview for the Vanity Fair. She said that in 80-es he made her drink coffee with drug to do "God knows what" with her. Johnson became the fifteenth woman making such a charge against Cosby. 

Bill Cosby is an American film director, producer, screenwriter, musician and political activist, and the most popular Afro-American actor in the United States, best known for starring in the legendary sitcom "The Cosby Show."

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