Thursday, February 18 2016 15:19 EET
Canada stops air strikes against Daesh in Syria and Iraq
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Six Canadian Air Force aircraft along with pilots and technicians will soon leave the region

Canadian Forces stopped air strikes on the positions of the terrorists’ "Islamic state" in Syria and Iraq on February 15. This was reported by the official site of the Ministry of Defence of Canada.

Six CF-188 Hornets of the Canadian Air Force along with the pilots and technicians will leave the region in the coming weeks. CC-150 Polaris and CP-140 Aurora planes will be left in order to support the coalition forces, carrying out aerial refueling and reconnaissance. 

Since October 30, 2014 CF-188 Hornet fighters have made 1378 sorties and carried out 251 strikes (246 of them in Iraq and 5 in Syria). As a result, they hit 267 Daesh positions, destroyed 102 equipment units and vehicles, and ruined 30 self-made explosive devices, storage facilities and plants controlled by terrorists. 

Canada joined the fight against Daesh in October, 2014. It was reported that the Canadian military are to be involved in this mission, "not more than for six months," but they don’t take part in ground operations. 

On February 8th, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that his country withdraws the six military aircraft, which have struck targets in Iraq and Syria.

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