Wednesday, February 17 2016 17:38 EET
The Trick Of The Russian Footballer Provoked Another Scandal Between Russia and Turkey
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After the scandalous game with "Fenerbahce" Russian footballer of "Locomotive" Dmitry Tarasov still draws all the public attention.

The new scandal broke out with the football player shot in Instagram where Tarasov has appeared in the same provocative shirt with the image of Vladimir Putin.
According to the "Russian Dialogue", the photo rapidly caused a large number of negative reviews. Most of the outrage was expressed by Turkish fans who strongly addressed indecent words to Tarasov. Turks also wrote abusive remarks about Russia itself. 

Moreover, Tarasov was sent threats to his address from the Turkish fans, who threatened him with physical violence.
There still has been no immediate reaction from Tarasov. He probably did not even understand what the Turkish fans had written. 

The footballer made angry not only Turkish fans but the Russian ones. They sharply criticized the actions of Dmitry Tarasov.
"Dima, you have mistaken the concept of patriotism! You made a provocation by coming out on the field in this shirt! You let down your team and can be punished now.

The T-shirt has nothing to do with football," "It would be better if you scored at least one goal," " You're an idiot, Dima! You could show your support for Russia with your game, but like the game like your actions – everything is stupid ","You should wear not the T-shirts with Putin, but defeating the Turks ", Russian fans wrote in the comments under the photo. 

Only some fans have supported Tarasov, despite all the criticism that fell on the player. However, many people wrote that football should be out of politics.
Tarasov was wearing the scandalous T-shirt with the image of "the most polite President" Vladimir Putin during all the game with "Fenerbahce".

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