Wednesday, February 17 2016 17:20 EET
Finns Are Afraid of Russians "Houses Turning Into 'Mobilization Centers"
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The Defense Ministry of Finland expressed fears that Finnish houses which belonged to Russian citizens could be transformed into mobilization centers in case Russia is eager to "invade" the Scandinavian state, the Yle newspaper reported.

According to the source Helsinki is preparing a law that allows controlling the purchase operations of the country’s real estate with participation of foreign citizens. This measure was introduced in order to prevent the "cruel" Kremlin from usage of Finnish real estate whose owners are Russians. The Defense Ministry sees these owners as possible members of the Russian Army 

Since the 2000s, rich Russians started buying Finnish real estate. The Defense Ministry of Finland thinks that some of their houses are too close to strategically important places, such as airports, railroads, and others. Thus they drafted a law that allows regulations of the real estate transactions. 

According to the law the country's land management committee has to inform the Defense Ministry about all the potential real estate transactions at these strategical places. The main idea of the bill is that the government would be able to make a bid and buy these properties. 

Last year the Defense Ministry created a ridiculous situation when its $3.72 million bid for the territory failed to compete an $8.45 million offered by a Russian citizen.

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