Wednesday, February 17 2016 14:56 EET
Iran’s Going to Make More Deals With Russians
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Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan officially visited Moscow on February 15-16, where he met his Russian colleague Sergei Shoigu, presidential aide Vladimir Kozhin, and Deputy Premier Dmitry Rogozin. They discussed a lot of topics, including questions of global security, struggle against terrorism, Syrian conflict, and military and technical partnership between Moscow and Tehran. Iran is a traditional buyer of Russian arms. Moscow and Tehran were active partners in the military and technical spheres before the imposition of sanctions on Iran.

Last year, a group of countries reached a deal on the nuclear program of Iran and noted lifting of sanctions. This decision marked a new era in military partnership between the two countries. In September 2015 Russia and Iran reached a new deal according to which S-300PMU-2 air defense systems should be delivered to Iran. 

The deal is expected to come into force in the beginning of 2016 and be finished in autumn. One S-300 unit has a regiment command point and two divisions with four missile launchers. The price for two S-300PMU-2 systems raises more than $1 billion. After the signing of the deal the first delivery immediately was sent to Kapustin Yar military unit. The systems now are under testing of their capability. Later, they will be sent to Iran by sea. 

Furthermore, Russia will accept about 80 Iranians for studying. In 2016 the specialists will have S-300PMU-2 training course. that will last for four months.
The deal has opened new possibilities for the partnership between Iran and Russia. Some specialists say that Iran is in strong need for weapons which cover the sum of about $13 billion. And Russia completely can satisfy this need. 

Iranian military was reported to claim that it was ready to get Russian weapons for $8 billion.
It should be mentioned that Iran is eager to have Russian help in establishing an integrated air-defense system which includes components of all the ranges. Russian technologies allow creating such a system. Its main part is Su-30SM Flanker. 

Iran is going to sign a deal for purchase of Flankers in 2016, an official in the Russian Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation said Wednesday.
"Iran clearly is interested in the purchase of Su-30SM jets, however the parties are just in talks on this. The deal is to sign this year," the official explained RIA Novosti.
Russia and Iran are discussing purchases of other arms and military hardware. This talks cover T-90 tanks, submarines, Yakhont missiles, Bastion missile launchers and other weapons. 

Iran is thinking about importing not the military hardware but the best industrial technologies. Since long time the country was isolated and had no chance to buy advanced technologies. All the recent things made by the defense industry of Iran actually are just versions of old American, Soviet, and Chinese techs.
Tehran also is in a strong need for an advanced army. Its power should rely on Iranian domestic resources only. Thus, this is the main reason for the country’s government to insist on importing technologies. 

"The main thing in this partnership is everything that can give us the superiority," the minister claimed.
Actually Russia seems to be a good partner for Iran. Russian experts are sure that later great attention in Russia-Iran partnership will be focused on joint military projects.

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