One Ukrainian soldier injured in Donbas over the day
Illegal armed forces in occupied Donbas violated the truce 19 times over the past 24 hours. Almost for every second shelling, Ukrainian forces responded with fire. As a result of the hostilities, one Ukrainian defender was injured, the press center of Ukraine’s Army HQ reported in Facebook.
Lavrov: UN peacekeepers needed in Donbas only to guard OSCE observers
UN peacekeepers are needed in Donbas, but only to guard the OSCE observers. This is Moscow’s view of the mission, phrased by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov.
OSCE spots three convoys of military equipment 15 km from Luhansk
SMM OSCE observers spotted militant military equipment being moved 15 km from Luhansk, according to their page on Facebook.
UN peacekeepers will help restore integrity of Ukraine, - Nauert
Introduction of the UN peacekeeping mission to the east of Ukraine will protect citizens from armed violence and contribute to the restoration of sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state. This was stated on Wednesday by the spokesperson of the US State Department Heather Nauert in Washington, Ukrinform repoprts.
Militants shell 25 times in Donbas, one Ukrainian soldier wounded
The intensity of shelling by the militants has somewhat decreased in Donetsk conflict zone over the past day. During this period, illegal armed groups shelled 25 times the positions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as a result of which one Ukrainian serviceman was injured. This was reported by the press center of Ukraine’s Army HQ in Facebook page.
West 2017 military drills start in Belarus
Week-long military exercises West-2017 with the participation of Belarusian and Russian troops starts today, on Thursday, September 14 in Belarus, BELTA informs.
Russian variant of UN peacekeepers deployment is unacceptable, - Kuchma
Deployment of the UN peacekeepers to Donbas at the suggestion of Russia is unacceptable for Ukraine. The representative of the Trilateral Contact Group on Donbas in Minsk Leonid Kuchma claimed this at the briefing in Dnipro on September 8 as Interfax-Ukraine reported.
Donbas: 25 attacks on Ukrainian positions
The overall combat situation in eastern Ukraine remains complicated. Russian mercenaries have fired on Ukrainian positions 25 times over day, using mostly small arms and RPGs.
75 percent of cases of interference in OSCE SMM work took place in Donbas
Since February 2017, the OSCE has reported over 500 cases of hindering activity of its monitoring missions. According to Ertugrul Apakan, the head of the OSCE SMM, 75 percent of such cases took place in the militant-occupied areas of Donbas.
Russia starts large-scale military drills in occupied Crimea
The large-scale military drills of the Russian missile and artillery troops began in the southern part of Russia, including the territories of occupied Crimea on September 5 as DW reported.
Putin threatens selling arms to terrorists, - Ukraine’s National Security Secretary
The Kremlin attempts to intimidate the international society by selling and supplying weaponry to the world’s terrorist organizations. Oleksandr Turchynov, the Secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, said that in his commentary on the recent statement by Russia’s president Putin who said the Kremlin could supply lethal arms to Ukraine.
Donbas: 11 attacks on Ukrainian positions
The overall combat situation in Donbas has not changed over day; the pro-Kremlin illegal armed gangs abstained from using heavy weaponry. On Tuesday, they launched 11 attacks on emplacements of Ukrainian warriors.
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