The only Russian aircraft carrier 'Admiral Kuznetsov' lost the second jet in three weeks - this time Su-33
Another Russian warplane from the Admiral Kuznetsov allegedly plunged into the sea, the second one in three weeks. Another jet has crashed in the Mediterranian Sea from the Admiral Kuznetsov, the only Russian aircraft carrier, The Aviationist news outlet reports on Monday.
Two Russian female nurses killed after shelling of hospital in Aleppo - video showed the moment of firing
Second casualty in Russian medical personnel after today's shelling in Aleppo has been revealed.
Tuka claims Donbas militants are ready to start riot inside occupied territory
Tuka states that 30% of Donbas militants are Ukrainians and they are not pleased with current situation. The lesser number of locals in Donbas are ready to fight vs Ukraine – the more armed Russians come to the region.
Ukraine carries out control flight tests of 16 midrange anti-aircraft missiles - video of launch impressed
The Ukrainian Armed Forces carry out a practical phase of control flight tests of midrange anti-aircraft missiles in Kherson oblast.
Ukraine announced the target and map of missile drills near the western Crimea coast – launch suspension is not planned
Test launches of new Ukrainian anti-aircraft missiles over Black Sea led to confrontation with Russia
Belarusian Donbas militant: told about Plotnitsky`s criminal orders to shell Luhansk city from mortars to sow panic
Mercenary on how he ended up in eastern Ukraine, role of Russian army in Donbas and his free movement to Belarus and back despite Lukashenko's threats to prosecute militants.
Ukrainian army created a "kettle" for militants in Dokuchaievsk city and ready to liberate within two hours
The majority of Dokuchaievsk residents confess the life in united Ukraine was way better.
Ukrainian officers detain militants' accomplices near Mariupol
On November 26, officers of the southern territorial district of the National Guard of Ukraine, operating together with the national police and the Security Service, detained 22 people in two settlements near Mariupol, according to the press service of the Southern Territorial Administration.
From the "Crimean corridor" to wide-ranging Russian invasion: Ukrainian army preparing for all aggression scenarios – General Staff
"Today we are able to resist the Russian Federation," General Muzhenko said
The OSCE warned about the possibility of separatists attacking Mariupol
During a meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienn, the US Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Daniel Baer, discussed the possibility of separatist forces attacking Mariupol and its surrounding area, Uawire reports.
Russia deployed combined arms contingent for drills in a strategic vector near Ukrainian border
Russian drills near Ukrainian border are up to schedule.
Two Russian landing ships entered the Mediterranean to support Russian troops in Syria
On the 16th of November, a large landing ship of the Russian Northern Fleet, the Georgii Pobedonosets, heading for Syria with cargo, entered the Mediterranean Sea through the Black Sea Straits, according to Istanbul information portals containing photos of its passage through the Bosphorus.
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