The British Army secretly moved tanks in case of Eastern Europe`s invasion
UK Army moved tanks through Channel Tunnel during secret drills to test the rail network in case of an invasion of Eastern Europe.
Earthquake in Italy caused an avalanche: Rigopiano hotel was hit by the snow mass - video
A number of people have been missing after an avalanche, apparently triggered by an earthquake on Wednesday, hit a hotel, Italian rescue officials say, reported Unian.
Dutch journalist tried to bring parts of bodies and pieces of downed MH17 plane from Ukraine
Police have detained Dutch journalist Michel Spekkers at Schipol airport in Amsterdam for attempting to smuggle pieces of the MH17 passenger plane shot down over eastern Ukraine into the Netherlands.
“Bloody hell, Your Majesty, I nearly shot you”: British Queen nearly shot by guard during unexpected early morning walk
An incredible case happened at Buckingham Palace early in the morning, where the Queen during her 3am strall was almost shot.
The ex-British Ambassador to Moscow will decide on the destiny of Brexit
Sir Tim Barrow has been appointed the UK's new ambassador to the EU, replacing Sir Ivan Rogers, according to the BBC.
French presidential candidate Le Pen claimed Crimea was not annexed and expressed her vision, opposite to the EU position
Marine Le Pen, the National Front's presidential candidate, said on Tuesday that the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea by Russia was "not illegal", contrary to the position of the EU and U.S., according to Le Figaro.
Visa-free regime for Ukraine postponed again: date of consideration disappeared from European Parliament’s website
Initially the date was April 3, 2017.
All concerns satisfied: Dutch government approves draft bill on ratification to unblock EU-Ukraine association agreement
The bill on Ukraine is to be filed to the Dutch parliament.
Russia will stay under sanctions until July 2017 - EU prolongs restrictive measures
EU leaders agreed that there's no considerable moving towards real peace in Donbas, so the sanctions against Russia must be extended again
Intense and unprecedented work under very difficult circumstances: EU highly praised Ukraine for implementation of reforms and marked a progress
Ukraine has lately carried out unprecedented economic and political reforms, the European Union said in a report.
Ukraine and Poland accused Europe of allowing Gazprom to increase volume of gas supply bypassing Ukraine
President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and President of Poland Andrzej Duda delivered a Joint Statement calling for the revision of the European Commission’s decision that allows Gazprom to increase volume of gas supply to Europe bypassing Ukraine.
Main results of Poroshenko`s meeting with Andrzej Duda: Poland is a strategic partner and a great friend
President Petro Poroshenko expressed gratitude to President of Poland Andrzej Duda for hospitality and reminded that the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Poland is celebrated on December 2.
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